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About wearing parts of high pressure steam sterilizer
2023-11-16 11:23

High pressure steam sterilizer is a device that uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably sterilize items. It is suitable for medical and health, scientific research, agriculture and other units to sterilize medical instruments, dressings, glassware, solution culture media, etc.

steam sterilizer 50l 

High pressure steam sterilizer autoclave wearing parts:

1. Heating tube: It is located at the bottom of the sterilizer;

2. Sealing ring: It can prevent steam leakage;

3. Safety valve: When the pressure of the container in the pressurized steam sterilizer is too high and exceeds a certain limit due to various reasons, it can automatically adjust it.

4. Release valve: It is used to discharge steam and relieve pressure in the pot;

5. Pressure gauge: it displays the pressure and temperature in the pot. Generally, the pressure gauge has a double-scale display: the outer layer displays the temperature in the pot, and the inner layer displays the pressure in the pot;

6. Sterilization bucket/basket: It is used to hold items that need to be sterilized.

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There are many types of pressure steam sterilizers, including portable pressure steam sterilizer, desktop pressure steam sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, pulse vacuum steam sterilizer, etc. It is often used in food processing enterprises, hospitals at all levels, centers for disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine agencies, etc.

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Structure of Pressure Steam Sterilizer