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Structure of Pressure Steam Sterilizer
2023-10-17 16:01

Pressure steam sterilizer is currently a widely used sterilization equipment, either in laboratories, hospitals, factories or other environments, it has a wide range of applications.

 steam autoclave sterilizer

From the appearance, the pressure steam sterilizer is just a large box with pipelines, display screen and knobs on it. So what is its internal structure? The main working media of pressure steam sterilizers include steam, water, compressed air, and electricity. In terms of sterilization methods, there are dry heat sterilizers, pre-exhaust pressure steam sterilizers, downward exhaust pressure steam sterilizers, etc. These types of sterilizers have different requirements for temperature and sterilization time.

 pulse vacuum autoclave

The main components of the steam sterilizer include pressure reducing valve system, water trap, sterilization chamber, air filter, steam generator, panel, vacuum pump, door seal, heat exchanger, pipeline, etc. Among them, the pressure reducing valve system is the guarantee of steam quality; the steam generator is used to produce steam, and the air filter is used to block particles larger than 0.3um in the air from entering the sterilizer cavity; the vacuum pump is used to remove the air, steam, and condensed water in the cavity; the heat exchanger is used to condense the steam discharged from the cavity; the trap is used to remove the condensed water in the steam pipe and jacket; the door seal is an important part to ensure the sealing of the instrument.