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How to improve the efficiency of pressure steam sterilizer
2023-09-12 10:42

Pressure steam sterilizers are currently widely used sterilization equipment in laboratories, hospitals, factories and other environments. It uses water vapor under high temperature and high pressure and the large amount of latent heat it releases to completely sterilize items.

steam sterilizer autoclave 

The main working media of automatic pressure steam sterilizer include steam, water, compressed air, and electricity. In terms of sterilization methods, there are dry heat sterilizers, pre-exhaust pressure steam sterilizers, downward exhaust pressure steam sterilizers, etc. These types of sterilizers have different requirements for temperature and sterilization time.


The main components of the sterilizer include pressure reducing valve system, water trap, sterilization chamber, air filter, steam generator, panel, vacuum pump, door seal, heat exchanger, pipeline, etc.

medical steam sterilizer 

The operator's knowledge of the mechanism, working medium, and structural accessories of steam sterilizer will help achieve good sterilization results in actual operations. Sterilization is a very important pre-processing step for many experiments, and even more important in medical treatment. Therefore, we must pay attention to its operation and use.

hospital sterilizer

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