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Items sterilized by high pressure steam sterilizer
2023-06-12 14:40

High-pressure steam sterilization is suitable for the sterilization of high-pressure-resistant, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant medical devices, utensils and articles. The high-pressure steam sterilizer cannot be used to sterilize any destructive materials or dangerous chemical substances, otherwise it will cause explosion, corrosion of the instrument cavity and internal pipelines, and result in accidents.

 vertical steam sterilizer

I. Common autoclave compatible materials in laboratories

1. Stainless steel material

2. Metal medical devices

3. Hospital dressing bag

4. Plastic pipette tips

5. Glassware

6. Enamel material

7. Latex gloves

8. PP secondary container and PC plastic

2. Incompatible materials commonly used in laboratories for autoclaving

1. Non-stainless steel material

2. Acid, organic solvent

3. Explosive and flammable items

4. Corrosive substances

5. Radioactive substances

6. PS, LDPE and HDPE

 pressure steam sterilizer

When using an autoclave sterilizer, pay attention to the packaging specifications of the material to be sterilized before sterilization, so as not to affect the sterilization effect. Devices, utensils and articles of the same material shall be sterilized in the same batch. When the material is the same, the parameters of the sterilization operation are relatively stable, and the sterilization effect is good.

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