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Tips for Autoclave Use
2023-02-14 14:31

The autoclave is a high-pressure container that uses a pressure higher than normal pressure to raise the boiling point of water to a high temperature above 100°C to sterilize liquids or utensils. According to the style and size, it can be divided into portable stainless steel steam sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal steam sterilizer autoclave, etc.

 steam sterilizer 50l

Tips for using high pressure steam sterilizer:

1. Well-trained personnel are required for the operation and daily maintenance of the autoclave.

2. The preventive maintenance program should include regular check of the airtightness of the sterilizer cabinet cavity, door, and all instruments and controllers by qualified personnel.

3. Saturated steam should be used and it does not contain corrosion inhibitors or other chemicals that may contaminate the items being sterilized.

4. All items to be autoclaved should be placed in containers that can discharge air and have good heat permeability, and the sterilizer cabinet should be loaded loosely so that the steam can evenly act on the load.

5. For autoclaves without interlock devices, the main steam valve should be closed and the door should be opened when the temperature drops below 80°C.

 auto portable steam sterilizer

6. When autoclaving liquid, since it may boil due to overheating, so when the liquid is taken out, the slow discharge setting should be adopted.

7. Even if the temperature drops below 80°C, the operator should wear proper gloves and masks for protection when opening the door.

8. In routine monitoring of autoclaving effects, biological indicators or thermocouples should be placed in the center of each item to be sterilized.

9. The drain filter (if any) of the sterilizer should be removed and cleaned every day.

10. Make sure that the safety valve of the vacuum autoclave is not blocked by paper in items to be sterilized.

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