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Precautions for Use of Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer
2021-08-19 10:35
Sterilizer is a kind of equipment that uses pressure saturated steam to quickly and reliably disinfect and sterilize items, and is suitable for medical and health undertakings, scientific research, agriculture and other units. It is mainly used to sterilize medical devices, dressings, glassware, solution cultures, etc., and is also suitable for plateau section as food steaming equipment and for enterprises and institutions to produce high quality drinking water, and can also be used as high-temperature steam source equipment.
We have to pay attention to the following aspects in the daily use of vertical pressure steam sterilizer:
1. The sterilizer must be operated in accordance with the instructions to avoid accidents.
2. When stacking items to be sterilized, it is strictly forbidden to block the outlet of the safety valve, and some space must be left to ensure that the outlet is unblocked, otherwise the safety valve cannot work normally, which may cause accidents.
3. Ensure the water in the container is at a proper level. Too high level will cause the dressing to be overheated and waste power. Too low level will damage the electric heating tube, so for disinfection, make sure enough water.
4. When heating is started, the handles of the two safety valves must be placed in the venting position to allow the cold air in the container to escape, otherwise a good disinfection and sterilization effect will not be achieved.
5. After each disinfection and sterilization, the timer switch must be turned off.
6. When disinfecting and sterilizing the solution, pour the solution into a high-temperature resistant glassware, and amount should be 3/4 of the bottle. The mouth of the bottle should be plugged with gauze, and never use an airtight bottle stopper. The solution and other items should not be placed together during disinfection, so as not to burst and damage other items.
7. After the disinfection and sterilization is terminated, and the object is solid, the two safety valves can be set to deflate, and when the pressure returns to the "0" position, the container lid can be opened.
8. After the disinfection is terminated, drain the water in the container while it is hot, and wipe off the scale in the container to improve the quality of disinfection and sterilization and prolong the service life.
9. Sealing gaskets will age after a long period of use, so they should be replaced in time.
10. The pressure gauge should be tested once a year. If the pointer of the pressure gauge does not return to the "0" position, it should be overhauled and replaced.
In daily use, only paying attention to the maintenance of the vertical pressure steam sterilizer can it fully exert its function and extend its service life.